RISE Instrumentation


HEL Cat18 18-well High Pressure Autoclave

Ultra-short 193 nm wavelength

Parr MRS 6-vessel multi-reactor

Ultra-short 193 nm wavelength
Ultra-short > 4 ns pulse length

Custom Built High Pressure Manifold

Allows for efficient and safe vessel pressurization under varying temperature, pressure, and/or gas compositions
Nitrogen (N2), Helium (He), and/or Carbon Monoxide (CO) are avaiable

ThermoFisher SpeedVac

Utilized for rapid drying of multiple samples at once
Capable of drying Eppendorf, vials (2 mL) and/or multi-well plates (96-well)

MBraun Glovebox

Dual glovebox system allows for independent handling of solid and liquid chemicals
Direct in-line feed to the high-resolution mass spectrometry system for handling air-sensitive materials

Metrohm Ion Chromatography System

Quantification and detection of anions in solution
Core Stocked with certified reference material grade ion chromatography standard (100 ppm)
Able to quantify F, Cl, Br, NO3, PO43, SO42
Quantification and detection of cations in solution
Core Stocked with TraceCERT grade ion chromatography standard (100 ppm)
Able to quantify Ba, Ca, K, Li, Mg, Mn, Na, NH4, Sr

J-KEM Multi-Shaker

Located in our glovebox
Allows for inert heating and shaking in a multi-vial sample holder

CEM Mars Microwave System

Microwave Reactor System
Acid Digestion System
Up to 14 samples in a single digestion event
High temperature – Up to 300°C
High pressures – up to 1500 psi
In Situ temperature control